Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tsuguri Radio All North Carolina Episode Up Now!

Tsuguri Radio Episode 2 Playlist:
GEEZER LAKE "The Bag" (Detox 1994)
UGLY AMERICANS "Unrequited" (Discipline 1984)
ASTRID OTO "Welcome Home" (Meconium 1999)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE "Knife on a String" (Sorry State 2010)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "The Doom" (Candlelight 2012)
ANTiSEEN "I've Aged 20 Years in 5" (1992)
BOIL "Timmy" (Detox 1994)
SUNSHINE SS "Young Until I Suicide" (2009)
BUZZOV-EN "Unwilling to Explain" (Allied 1994)
FLAT TIRES "Crybaby" (Tsuguri 2010)
JOSEY WALES "High Beam 76" (Meconium 2000)
ALGODON "Strong Arm Technique" (Meconium 2000)
SUBCULTURE "All My Love" (Fartblossum 1985)
ENOCH "Infinity" (2011)
AHLEUCHATISTAS "Consensus of the Un-finite Possibilities" (Tzadik 2009)
SHINY BEAST "Glaxo" (Boner 1992)
STONE OF ABEL "Locust Post" (2002)
FLAT DUO JETS "Riot in Cell Block # 9" (1985)
LINK WRAY "Jack the Ripper" (Swan 1961)
SNAKE NATION "Green God" (Caroline 1989)
SOUL PREACHER "Something to Slow You Down" (Meconium 2000)
RISE "Stellar Explosion" (Meconium 2000)
SARABELLUM "4 No 5 Children" (Very Small 1994)
JOHN COLTRANE "Mars" (Impulse! 1974)
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY "Prayer" (Pusmort 1985)